Amplifiers & Speaker Cabinets

2x Aiken Sabre
2x Rivera Venus Deux Recording

Vox AC30
Soldano Hot Rod 50+
2x Vox AC4TV
Trinity Amps TC-15
Allen Amps Old Flame
Texotica Saratoga
Tomaszewicz TZZ-17H
Musicman RD100
Pearce G2R
ZT Lunchbox
Roland JC-22
Gallien-Krueger MB110
Marshall 4×12 w/Pre-Rola Greebacks
Tone Tubby H-Bomb 212 Speaker Cabinet
Original Leslie 45 Speaker Cabinet
Rivera Venus 112 Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion Neo Creamback
Rivera Venus 112 Speaker Cabinet w/EV 12l
Rivera Silent Sister Recording Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion GT12-75
Tomaszewicz 112 Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion G12H30
2x Bogner Cube 112 Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion Vintage 30
2x KK Audio 112 Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion Vintage 30

House of Syn Guitar Tracks

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